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I guess this is where I tell everyone what I like to do and maybe provide some insight into the life of “Rupert.” I enjoy traveling the world, spending time with my family, and learning new things.

The Complete Kit


Teaching others to do what I do or am learning is how I learn best. It is kind of a self-test and makes me feel good when You take steps toward building Your very own successful internet business. If I teach you and You succeed or realize your dreams, then I pass my self-test!

That is why I built this website. That's why I promote Wealthy Affiliate. The website itself is an affiliate marketer resource library that I also use as a sort of bookmark to members' blogs, training, marketing tips, and resources inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is Your Complete kit, and this site is your bridge from where you stand now to the future version of your successful self in the amazing world of affiliate marketing.

Site Goals

My goal and mission are to provide you the information and access to the education, coaching, tools, and services needed for You to succeed as an affiliate marketer. That is why I chose to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate


The ultimate resource for affiliate marketers is the Wealthy Affiliate platform and Community. Literally, everything you need to succeed is inside Wealthy Affiliate. Training, coaching, website and WordPress hosting with thousands of themes to choose from, enterprise-level 24/7 support, keyword search, domain management, and literally thousands of readily available success blogs written daily by Wealthy Affiliate members worldwide. As I build out my site content, I will be sharing more and more success stories for you to learn from. So be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to make sure that you are not missing out.

Marketing is my Passion

My day job is the Head of Marketing in Japan for a global high tech company. Like you, my goal is to work myself out of a job, build a passive income, and spend more time traveling the world, spending time with my family, and blogging about things I'm excited about turning that passion into a thriving business.

I have learned through experience that the journey is more important than the destination, and no better way to experience my journey than with the community members of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I have never met or worked with a more positive, supportive, and inspiring group of people.


The Wealthy Affiliate community is network-based, so you follow others and they follow you which builds your network. What you put out is what you get back, so put out your best, and you will attract like-minded people to your network. Join me and 2 million others on our Wealthy Affiliate journey to making a living online as an affiliate marketer.

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  1. Good day, I’m pleased to come across Affiliate Marketingly, which I did not know before. Well, I’m aware that becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best ways to make money online. I’m thrilled to have read your site goals, which are mainly to help us succeed in affiliate marketing. This is helpful, and I hope joining Wealthy Affiliate was a brilliant idea. Thank you.

    • Hello Kokontala, it is great hearing from you.  I see that you are a blogger, affiliate marketer and entrepreneur.  How exciting! 

      We have really exciting plans to share success stories from around the world, so be sure to check back.  To make sure you do not miss out, I recommend signing up for my newsletter, which I promise only to send you success stories and valuable information or insights not readily available on the internet.

      Even if you are already a Wealthy Affiliate member, I recommend the newsletters, because you can get a summary of success stories to learn and apply in your business.

      Look forward to keeping in touch! 


  2. Thanks for sharing your story with us Rupert! It’s really motivational to see how many people getting into internet marketing having success with it. Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome community and I’m glad you’ve decided to promote it. Looking forward to seeing more content from you. I noticed that you work for a company based in Japan. Do you also live in Japan or is yours a remote position? One of my life goals is to travel to Japan at least once.

    • Hello Rachel, it is great hearing from you, and I  appreciate your encouragement. Yes, I also live in Japan. After COVID, my marketing  team works two days in the office and three days at home. I think it is excellent that you want to visit Japan. Japan is a lovely place, especially in the Spring. Keep in touch and check back for content updates, as we have exciting plans to post a lot of success stories of successful wealthy affiliates from around the globe.

      To your continued success! Rupert

  3. Hi Rupert
    Thanks for sharing your views on your passion and your life. It is very nice that you want to help a lot of people to stand by themselves and earn a good living through affiliate marketing. As per my personal views Wealthy Affiliate is really a good program where you can learn a lot in minimum time .If you are really sincere for your future and can spare a few hours on consistent basis, then this platform is for you.
    Thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  4. That is really an engaging About Me post.

    You have taken the time to tell us about yourself and your dreams.

    I like how you have given me information on Wealthy Affiliate and what it can do for me.

    I hope that you achieve your dreams and help lots of people along the way.

  5. Hello Rupert and thanks for sharing your complete kit of resources with your readers. This seems to have everything needed to give affiliate marketing a try instead of having to piece together the individual elements on my own. I’m looking forward to learning more along the way — especially the inspiring success stories!

    • Hello Aly, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am really looking forward to curating and posting success stories. There are so many of them too! Wishing you continued success. Best regards, Rupert.

  6. Starting out in affiliate marketing is exciting! But it’s also a bit scary because there are so many tools. Some programs are scams and others are legit. But even those that are legit, we don’t know if we really need them from the start or not. So thank you very much for hand picking these tools for us.

    • Hello Ann, I could not agree more; starting out can be a daunting task.

      Actually I was searching for digital marketing training to further my Company’s marketing goals at my day job and came accross Wealthy Affiliate. I found that Wealthy Affiliate includes EVERYTHING that we were looking for. We could get up to 50 websites, register new domains from inside the platform, get WordPress hosting, take classes in marketing, use a keyword search tool, and get access to 24/7 customer support. Had we gone piece meal we would have had to use at least four vendors and 5x the cost to reach our goals.

      I did not pick the tools myself. My sales and marketing team helped me evaluate and select the tools needed to achieve our new contact, sales lead and order conversion KPIs. We have been using WA for about a year, and we completed 84 blog posts, seven webinars, and two weekly email marketing campaigns.

      God speed to your success, Rupert.

  7. Hi Rupert. Very interesting post. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and all advices are extremely useful. I was reading before about wealthy affiliate and I completely agree that this is best starting point for all beginners. With tons of training materials, active community and webhosting services this is a place I would recommend to everyone who want to succeed in this business.

  8. Thank you so much for welcoming us to this website. I can see that just from looking at what you guys are about that this is a website that I would definitely take some solid business advice from. I can see that you provide experience from your own onto what you speak and I really appreciate that as I know that it worked for you so it must work for me

    • Hello Misael

      Great to hear from you. Thank you for commenting on my About page. We are all about helping You be successful.  Check back from time to time as we post success stories of others and how they did it, along with featured posts of other bloggers with their marketing tips.  I will also continue to share my own experiences in hopes that it furthers your business success.

      Best regards,


  9. Great to read about our passions, goals and visions about affiliate marketing. You mention that you are living in Japan and head of a global tech company, so have you always lived there? is there a big difference between Japan and other markets? 

    do you envisage that somebody that is living in Australia could be joining Wealthy Affiliate and also be successful?

    • Hello, it is great hearing from you and I am excited to answer your questions. 

      Yes, I have been in Japan 30+ years and I head the Japan Regional Business unit for Industrial IoT Marketing in a Taiwanese global company focused on factory automation, smart city infrastructure, industrial equipment manufacturing, transportation and energy. 

      Think of computers that control robot arms that build cars, AI powered vision camera systems that display targeted ads on billboards based on the gender and age of people walking by in airports and shopping malls, or computers that operate machinery in environments too hot, or cold for people to access. 

      Is there a big difference between Japan and other markets? Generally speaking Japan is a Japanese only speaking country and employees and customers even working in or with global Companies expect training, information, webinars, and materials delivered in Japanese. This situation affords both opporutnity and challenges for business growth. Whereas most other countries in Asia except South Korea will participate and consume English seminars, whitepapers and other marketing or instructional materials. For example, if I run a display ad in Japanese that leads to an English event registration site, I can expect that 99% will click away without digesting even the first sentence.

      Do I imagine that someone living in Australia could join Wealthy Affiliate and be successful? In Australia, $930 million is spent on affiliate marketing – 10% of the country’s $9. 3 billion annual digital marketing spend. Considering there are already 2.6+ million WA members from all over the World, and that online busineses are not restricted to geographical location, I would say, Abolutely.

      Success is not overnight though. You need to learn to hold the bat before you expect a homerun. You need to build skils, learn what works and what doesn’t, dedicate your time and ask lots of questions. Each person’s progress occurs at their own pace. With patience, persistence and dedication, one joining WA from any country can realize their potential.


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