Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

This page describes how we earn commissions through affiliate links and lists the affiliate programs we participate. An Affiliate Disclosure Statement is also placed before the affiliate links in our site's content, as well as in our website footers.

Our Affiliate Disclosure

This site, AFFILIATE MARKETINGLY, is a participant in the ELITE WA Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The WA logo, and the Wealthy Affiliate logo are trademarks of Wealthy When you decide to make a purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. Keep reading about the WA Affiliate Program on Wealthy Affiliate's website.

The ELITE WA Affiliate Program

High Converting Recurring Commissions. The ELITE WA Affiliate program is different than any other online affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate ARE affiliates, understand affiliates, and Wealthy Affiliate's (WA) entire business model is based on providing services to affiliates to help them succeed.

Most of all, WA respects the wants and needs of its affiliate members. They deliver that through their affiliate platform built on state-of-the-art enterprise technology.

WA provides WA affiliates with education, coaching and a collaborative environment with other members where each can build and develop one's skill set as an affiliate marketer, as well as work with some of the leading affiliate marketers in the affiliate marketing industry.

WA provides affiliates the tools so that one can focus on maximizing one's marketing reach, conversions and overall commission revenue.

Commission Payouts in the Millions Annually

Millions of Commissions are paid annually, and WA never missed a payment in all their years of business. WA is by far the longest standing and most profitable affiliate programs on the internet. This is a result of WA's focus on quality of service they offer its members and their relentless focus on offering the most advaneched and ethical experience in the affiliate marketing world.

WA are affiliates, and WA loves their affiliates.

Lifetime Commissions

Lifetime Commissions average $121 per new member sign-up. Each and every sale you make leads to over 121 in average commissions. You earn recurring comissions for your referrals for the lifetime of that member. WA continues to improve their service day by day,and increase the overall value for each sale, each year.

Send visitors to WA's FREE Membership Program and Get High Conversions

Send FREE members to WA and get unbelievable conversions. The average conversion rate in the industry is 1 in 100. The average conversion rate for WA members from FREE to Premium upgrade is 1 in 8! Send visitors to WA's FREE and world-class Starter membership at WA to build a business. It really is as easy as that.

Average industry conversion rates are 1 in 100, whereas starter members who upgrade to Premium are 1 in 8, which is 6x the industry average!

A Service You Can Trust and Recommend

Wealthy Affiliate opened its doors in 2005. The WA community is the most active, helpful, engaging and forward thinking affiliate marketing platform on the planet. WA provides affiliates with a platform and all the tools to create, grow and scal an online business for any niche.

WA is the industry leader and innovator in the affiliate marketing space. WA is widely recognized for their relentless pursuit of evolving their online business model to make their community happy. Wealthy Affiliate is a company you can ethically promote.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Creates Experts

Get access to WA's affiliate bootcamp training which teaches one how to create an authority website within the categories that Wealthy affiliate provides services for. Wether you have an affiliate marketing website, a work at home website, or a hosting website, WA offers a number of verticals that can excite and help one's audience.

Experience is not a requirement. Wealthy Affiliates sole goal and mission is to completely transform new comers into successful affiliate marketers. This is what YOU can accomplish with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate on the inside of their platform.

The Complete Kit

With Wealthy Affiliate members are becoming affiliates of a high tech company. From tracking tools and stats, to a website platform with hosting, promotional media, website widgets with advanced tools for communication with your referrals, WA's goal is to make sure you have everything you need within Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a list:

  1. Affiliate Tracking
  2. Custom Widgets
  3. Comparison Charts
  4. Comprehensive Stats
  5. Promotional Banners
  6. Custom Links
  7. Landing pages
  8. Websites
  9. Keyword tool

Affiliate Bootcamp

A World-Class Training Experience

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to a seven-course seventy-lesson bootcamp that will provide you step-by-step instructions and guide you through the process of becoming a successful WA affiliate. The point is the WA training program through hands on knowledge with supporting tasks result in one's successful online business in the niche of one's choosing.

People are changing their lives for the better with bootcamp. People create successful full-time businesses, and meeting in Las-Vegas every year as a result of the hands on approach of the training.